ZP-35D Rotary Tablet Press Machine

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Detail ZP-35D Rotary Tablet Press Machine

ZP-35D Rotary Tablet Press Machine ï ¼ ˆ ZP-35D ï ¼ ‰
It is equipped with double-press automatic rotary type with the function of sequential press tablet, and it can make the granular material produced to all kinds of tablets. It is used for pharmacy, chemical industry, foodstuff, electronic, plastic powder, metallurgy etc.Fields.

1. It is suitable for common circle sheet varied irregular sheet ( double-face printing included) .
2. Outer cover is made of fully close stainless steel and the surface of compass is specially treated to keep the surface polished as well as from polluting.
3. It is equipped with transparent glass door to observe the sheet, its four side doors and windows can be opened, ease of interior cleaning and upkeep.
4. It adopts imported frequency governor, simultaneous electromagnetic clutch.
5. Hydraulic system can guarantee its pressure stably, if the pressure is overloaded, it can stop automatically.
6. Transmission system is equipped with the main lower fuel tank of the machine, which can run for dipping oil. It can dissipate the heat easily and is wear-resistant.
7. The machine is specially equipped with the dust collector, which can collect the indoor dust and recycle them.
8. All of the dies and the dies of ZP19: 33B sheeter can be used instead of each other.

Die amount: 35pcs
Max. Pressure: 80KN
Max.Depth: 17mm
Max.Diameter: 13mm
Max.Tablet Thickness: 6mm
Rotary Quantity: 16-36r/ min
Capacity: 150000pcs/ h
Motor: 3KW 380V 50HZ ( 220V 60HZ)
Overall Dimensions: 1300mmX1200mmX1750mm
Weight: 2000KG

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