ZGB-W Series High-efficiency Pore Less Film Coating Machine

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RUKO GRIYA ALIFA Block D No.1, Jl. Pulo Ribung Raya, Jaka Setia, Bekasi West Java
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Bekasi West Java
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Detail ZGB-W Series High-efficiency Pore Less Film Coating Machine

ZGB-W Series high-efficiency pore less film coating machine. Usage: The ZGB-W series high-efficiency pore less film coating machine is a high-efficiency, energy-saving, safe, clean, computer-controlled and mechatro nics equipment which is used for coating suger, organic film, water soluble film, slow and controlled release film on traditional Chinese and western tablets and pills( including micro pills, small pills, water-bindered pills, drip pills and granulated pills) and conforms to the requirement of GMP. It is a high-tech product first successfully developed in china by this factory. Working principle: The table cores( micro pills, small pills or plain tablets) to be film coated make continuous complicated orbital motion within a closed rotating drum under the action of a stream ling guide plate. Controlled by computer and according to the optimum technological parameters, they are automatically sprayed with film-coating medium while hot air under a negative pressure is led in from one side of an air distributing pipe at the center of the drum, clean hot air penetrates through the tablet core layers and is discharged after being collected to the other side of the air distributing pipe by a pore duckbill-shaped ( or oval) air paddle embedded in the tablet core layers, so that the film coating medium sprayed on the surface of tablet cores will dry rapidly and evenly, there by forming a layer of solid, compact, neat and smooth surface film. Feature: * It has all the features of ZBG-G series high-efficiency film coating machine; * The film coating drum is with a pore less structure. Different air paddles are equipped for different materials. Above 0.6mm tablet coating, versatile in use; * It has a specially structured air distributing system, and the air intake and exhaust pipes can be interchanged according to the needs; * The air paddles can be embedded into or taken off from the material according to technological needs. * It has an automatic water discharge unit; * It has the functions of negative pressure and automatic control, which can save film coating material and energy; * The machine can equipped with automatically cleanness system that can realize many cleaning methods, omni bearing position clean. More spec details please contact us at: markting@mapmachnery.com

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